Friday, February 7, 2014

CLIA Webinar: Travel Blogs: what role do they play in a traveller’s decision making process?

Next week I am going to be running a webinar for CLIA (Cruise Line Association) about travel blogs and blogging.

This is what they said about the webinar in their mailing to their members: "Our 2014 series of Webinars is about to begin, and we encourage you to sign up. Join us next week for our first, which is brought to us by an expert on Travel Blogs, and will explain how to engage with bloggers, how to write a travel blog yourself and why it is important in engaging with your customers"

The title of the webinar is: "Travel Blogs: what role do they play in a traveller’s decision making process?"

I am going to be discussing and sharing the learning that I got on the topic from years of blogging and also the study that I did in partnership with TBU (Travel Bloggers Unite) for their Rotterdam Conference key note. The full report is also published by Think Digital Tourism as an expert white paper (Download a copy of "Creating Content for Travellers" here).

This is the keynote on the topic I did at TBU Rotterdam:

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