Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"How to Find and Work with Bloggers" - A Guide for brands and bloggers by Gary Bembridge

I have just launched a new book on Amazon Kindle called "How to Find and Work with Bloggers". The book is designed to be an essential guide for brands and bloggers looking to build successful campaigns.

Delegates to New Media Expo, which I am taking at in January, are able to get a complimentary copy. The book sells currently for $2,99. Buy your copy on Amazon.

The following are the contents:

Part 1: What is a blogger?
Definition of a blogger
Journalists versus Bloggers

Part 2: Why Work with Bloggers?
9 Reasons to Work with Bloggers
What are Consumers looking for from Bloggers?
Why do Consumers Read Blogs?
Key Dislikes when Using Blogs

Part 3: How to find and select bloggers to work with?
Importance of Strategy, Objectives and Measurement Criteria
8 Marketing Objectives that Bloggers are Best Suited at Delivering
9 Main Ways to Find Bloggers
Selecting which Bloggers to Work With
10 Factors to Consider when Assessing Bloggers

Part 4: How to Successfully Work with Bloggers?
Key Challenges Facing Bloggers - and the Opportunities it creates for Brands
The Key Stages and Tips on Approaching Bloggers
Ways of Working with Bloggers
Features of Successful Blogger Partnerships
Contracting with Bloggers
Measuring Blogger Activity and Campaigns
Building Lasting Relationships with Bloggers

Part 5: Final Thoughts
Summary of Key Watch-outs and Areas to Avoid
10 Things to Remember when Working with Bloggers
Travel Bloggers Podcast

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