Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Marketing Mix Man Podcast in European Podcast Awards 2012. Your Vote Needed!

I am pleased to say that the Marketing Mix Man podcast is in the shortlist for a European Podcast Award again this year. I won awards in 2010 and 2011 and would love to get an award again this year.

Although the final decisions are made by a panel of judges, a proportion of the decision is based on votes. Please can you find some time to vote.

It is a bit fiddly as you have to click through a few screens to do it and you need to get to the last one.

These are the stages

Step 1 Click this link:

You will see this screen:

Step 2: Click on the VOTE link. You will see this screen:

Step 3: Click on the stars and chose up to 5 stars for each (5 is the maximum) and then click VOTE AND WIN. You will see this screen:
Step 4: Unless you want to get the newsletter, just then click SKIP. You will see this screen that confirms your vote is submitted. All done


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